Our mission is to start a dialogue in aid of a cure for Racism. We want to hear from all sides, all races. We want to invite professionals who are willing to volunteer their time to answer the questions raised by individuals who feel that they have been victimized by Racism, or from people who just have questions about race. Our goal is to be recognized worldwide.

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Our motto

We are an Aid to the Cure.

What we do

We reach out to victims of Racism to share their experiences with the World. Our professionals weigh-in on reviews to offer good advice.

Why us

Why not us? The more people doing what we do will only make the world a better place. Literally everything will get better, from the Economy – our quality of life. Once our quality of life improves, so goes our health, our health then increases our life-span.

“A less depressed and oppressed people produces a greater nation” – Du’Sean Howard