Apart from providing a platform to voice opinions on race, we also want to help those who wish to remain anonymous (meaning not displaying your experience on our webpage). We do understand that talking about race is usually not a comfortable experience.

 We make no guarantee, but we will try to put you in touch with a professional in the field of race relations to answer your questions, or to advise you. Our professionals volunteer their services, so we do not have any influence over any private conversation with any professional. We only follow-up for feedback.

By sending us your email to: confidential@CureRacism.org you are agreeing to grant us permission to contact help on your behalf, and that CureRacism.org or a Professional in the field of race relations will be in direct contact with you. CureRacism.org does not provide professional advice, we only provide the platform to get you the help that you need. All of our professional contributors will meet our standards for experience in human rights and human development. Our guarantee is that we will do our best to help you with your experience with Racism.