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Racism in Missouri

Having lived in several states by way of the military and civilian work, I can say unequivocally that Missouri is replete with inherently racist people. Unsurprisingly, St. Louis is among the most racially divided cities I've experienced as well. After all, the Dredd Scott case took place in the courthouse in downtown St. Louis. The Missouri Compromise is something people also seem to forget. That was one of the principle contributory variables for the U.S. Civil War. Never have I seen such polarizing racial disharmony and malcontent for one another elsewhere. As a resident of the St. Louis Metro-Area for many years, I have experienced racism from both sides on a number of occasions. My wife and I (inter-racial couple) were actually refused service at a restaurant in the South Side of St. Louis (Soulard area) and told to "eat somewhere else" in 2009. Race relations between blacks and whites are comparably poor in the state of Missouri and the people seem to hate each other to a degree I haven't seen in other places in this country - to include the Deep South. As educated and open-minded professionals, my wife and I are often aghast at how ignorant and hateful people (both black and white) in Missouri can be. Our mixed race children experienced significant abuse from both sides throughout their foundation years of school. We've done our best to temper the ill-effects by educating them and raising them to be proud of who they are in terms of their unique racial composition, but there's no telling how much emotional and psychological damage caused to them from the people in the St. Louis Metro Area. We can only hope that they transcended it.

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